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Return to Copenhagen

Hi Hi!

After having such a great time on my last visit I couldn’t resist another opportunity to spend some more time in Copenhagen. So after my planned trip to Aarhus I hopped on a train back to the Danish capital and wasted no time meeting up with my friend Marc for a quick informal recording session. Here are the fruits of our labour, a couple of originals and a lovely standard;

Train to Copenhagen – Sam Andreae
Mean One – Marc Mean
A Flower is a Lonesome Thing

After that I headed straight back to the welcoming home of my CouschSurf friend (now actual friend…) Fredrik and the rest of the gang, all 10 of them…. Over the next few days I mostly practiced gypsie jazz and prepared for one of the world famous Pilehuset parties! We also went busking and got dragged of to play at a gangsters wedding, very bizzare. The party was awesome, a very nice 1920s/30s vibe going on with some incredible dancing from Kasper, Kiki and their friends. We provided the music for much of the night and it seemed to go down well, also the alcohol went down well, but after a short nap at 3am I managed to continue through until the end. Which is more than can be said for some of the other revelers….

Here are some photos of the house, the party and the morning after breakfast with the rest of the house;

Me and FredrikhouseBand


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