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JAZZ FACTOR 29.05.09

I spent the best part of today at the first in a series of workshop days organised by NW JazzWorks designed to link up local players/promoters with industry experts from around the country. Our panel of experts for the day were;

Stuart Johnson (musician, promoter, tour manager) – our Chair for the day
Oliver Weindling (Vortex & Babel Label), promoter and label director
Kevin Legendre (Jazzwise, BBC Radio 3 & 4…), journalist and broadcaster
Graham McKenzie (Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival), curator and writer

It was a very positive experience with many of the staple Manchester jazz crowd present, there was much discussion on the chosen topics for the day which focused in part on the various areas where, as musicians, we need to write actual words as opposed to music. Much of the advice in this area was to be honest and sometimes informal/conversational (how am I doing?), the only problem with this advice is that if you need to be told how to be honest you might have already missed the point….Unfortunately I had to leave before the How To Get Gigs session and that’s why I’m writing this blog instead of actually getting any gigs, if anyone can help in this area it would be much appreciated….

Anyway, there are two more sessions which I’m looking forward to and I will keep you updated on any revelations.


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